What do you know about the safety of UV light?


Does “black light” have an impact on human health? Can a UV light trap harm me or my clients and employees? What safety norms should I have in mind when choosing the right technology for my business? Innovative technology can raise a lot of justified questions and you are right to seek the answers.

The following facts about UV light will help you feel more comfortable about using a UV light trap:

– Research has shown that the optimum range for attracting flying insects is at around 345 to 370nm and this is the wavelength that is given out by the UVA tubes in fly killers. The numerous scientists who have studied the possible danger to human beings all agree that it is harmless under normal conditions of use. Neither UVB, nor UVC are used in UV fly killers.

– A specific European norm exists for UV fly killers, the EN 60335-2-59. PestWest fly killers are tested to European safety standards and this specifically includes the maximum safe levels of radiation permitted by the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). Any fly killer, which fails to meet the criteria will not pass the test.

– Our UVA fly killers are designed to provide the lowest maximum UVA output value possible consistent with efficient insect attraction. Their overall output is low and the exposure to UVA is far greater outdoors on an average sunny day.

– The peak of the output of the Quantum® tubes lies at around 365nm. More of the UVA is concentrated around the peak wavelength, which means that the lamp is “brighter” where it matters most, i.e. less of the electrical energy is dissipated in producing light, which is of little interest in attracting flying insects. The initial overall UVA output of the Quantum tubes is no greater than the one of standard UVA tubes.

We hope that this short summary will help you learn the basic facts about UV light and make you feel comfortable about using a UV light fly trap. If you have further questions or want to share a practical case or an experience, our engineers and biologists will be happy to have a conversation with you. Please reach our experts by using our contact form.

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