The 6-easy dos and don’ts of siting a fly trap


This is one of the most frequent asked questions by customers – where and how high to mount a pest control unit to ensure its best performance. If you follow these quick rules you will never feel unsure how to proceed with the fly trap siting.

Avoid other lights sources!
Electric fly traps should be positioned to minimise competition from other light sources, so do not mount adjacent to windows.

Protect exposed food!
In food areas mount the trap close to, but not directly over, exposed food or food preparation surfaces (preferably to attract flies away from food preparation areas).

Get closer to the enemy to fight it!
Observe where the flies tend to congregate and, if possible, put your fly trap in or close to that area.

Cut their way!
Position traps in an “interception” position from the principal point of fly entry – normally doors and/or windows – and the area to be protected. In catering establishments flies are more likely to come in through the back door rather than the front, because that is where the kitchen refuse and dustbins are kept.

Treat yourself with safe and easy servicing!
Position units where they can be reached as easily as possible and not over working machinery where access may be difficult or dangerous.

Choose the correct height!
Mount the trap in a convenient location for emptying the catch tray or replacing the lamp, and in the case of a suspended mounting in industrial buildings mount at least 2.5 meters above ground and clear of any traffic, such as fork lift trucks, which may use the area.

There are so many locations of possible use of fly traps that it is impossible to follow each of these 6 rules at the same time. Still having those in mind will help you decide what is best for the premises you need to protect. If you feel unsure or have specific questions, please don’t hesitate to email or PM us. Our team will be more than happy to help.

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