Professional Electronic Sticky Traps

Professional Electronic Sticky Traps

PestWest Professional Sticky Traps are high-quality units combining advanced glue board technology with slim-line designs.
PestWest Sticky Traps catch insects securely, allowing units to be placed closer to sensitive areas. They do not have an electric killing grid making them silent, discreet and hygienic whilst catching all sizes of insects including smaller species such as Fruit Flies.
Their consumables can easily and quickly be accessed without the need for a tool.

Chameleon® VEGA

The Chameleon® Vega is powerful, stylish and economical. Its elegant and ultra-slim design, based on revolutionary new technology combined with an all stainless steel or white all metal construction will suit most environments.

Chameleon® SIRIUS

The Chameleon® Sirius is a sophisticated unit designed for front-of-house use. With its clean curves, a choice of finish and dual wall mounting options, it fits seamlessly into any restaurant, café or hotel.


Innovative, discreet and stylish fly traps; these unique overhead designs fit discreetly and easily into new or existing suspended-ceilings.


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