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How to choose the right fly killer

Front of House

Front of house installations are typically in restaurants, bars, cafés and hotel lobbies. For front of house areas the requirements are usually for aesthetically pleasing designs that blend with the décor and are silent in operation. For these installations sticky board traps designed as wall sconces or uplighters are an ideal choice.


Commercial installations are usually small, medium and large retailers and kitchens. They are often places where food is being prepared or where open food is displayed. For hygiene and aesthetic reasons stainless steel construction is often specified. These demanding areas usually require large and powerful fly killers. Many installations are in public view so the design may still require aesthetically pleasing machines. Often a mixture of units that look like commercial equipment and units with discretion covers fitted are used.


Industrial installations are usually factories and warehouses with large areas that need to be protected. Industrial fly killers are typically quite large and powerful industrial-looking units. These units can offer protection for areas up to 500m² with just one unit.


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