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Dr. Matthew Davies is the Head of Technical Department at Killgerm Chemicals Ltd, the Technical Editor for Pest Control News, was the Chair of the 9th International Conference on Urban Pests 2017, and holds a PhD from Aston University.

He studied for a Bsc (Hons) in Biology (with a year in industry at the Food and Environment Research Agency), at the University of York.


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Quick Reference Guide

How to choose the right fly killer for residential, commercial and industrial use ...

Why Control Flies ?

Flying insects have been found to carry a wide range of dangerous microorganisms ...

Insect Identification

Identify your enemy/the microorganism you are up against before you ...

Hints & Tips

UV fly killers

  • To maintain maximum effectiveness, tubes should be changed at least every 12 months, preferably at the onset of warmer weather.
  • Quantum® tubes are recommended, as their effective lifespan is longer than most other tubes, which reduces the amount of maintenance required.
  • Use a UV-A Meter to measure the ultra-violet output of tubes, to give you an instant indication of tube effectiveness and their remaining life.
  • If the unit requires starters, replace them at the same time that you change the tubes.

Additionally for UV Sticky Traps

  • Use Reflectobakt® sleeves to maintain optimum fly control performance particularly when the glue board and the fluorescent tubes are placed close together.

  • Replace the sticky boards at least every 6-8 weeks to ensure maximum efficacy.
  • Additionally for EFKs

    • Use a grid tester to test the killing grid without shorting the high tension current onto the metal body of the machine, as often happens when using a conventional screwdriver (unless the unit has a high voltage ‘grid-on’ indicator like the Nemesis Quattro line).

    • Brush down the killing grid (only when it is turned off!) to remove insect fragments.

    • Empty the catch tray frequently.


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