The specialist range provides special safety features such as high IP ratings and flameproof electrical enclosures, giving you protection against the most hazardous and potentially dangerous areas.

Chameleon® EXG X LED

The new EXG X is upgraded to Quantum® X Technology, fully ATEX certified. Built to withstand demanding environments. Crafted with high-quality materials for long-lasting performance.

Chameleon® 4×4

The Chameleon® 4×4 is a powerful high capacity sticky trap, which is particularly suited for large open areas in industrial food premises.

Chameleon® 4×4 EX

The Chameleon® 4×4 EX is an ATEX compliant all stainless steel industrial UV fly trap. It is suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in ATEX zones 21 and 22 classified areas.


The Nemesis® Quattro Quattro IP24 is an all stainless steel industrial model, which can withstand exposure to high humidity, water splashes and corrosive atmospheres.

Chameleon® 1X2 IP

The Chameleon® 1x2IP unit offers advanced fly control for demanding environments and is suitable for areas that are steam-cleaned, hosed down and are damp or corrosive e.g. dairies, abattoirs and industrial kitchens.

Chameleon® TITAN® 200 IP

Easy to install and with low running costs, this weatherproof design is perfect for the agricultural market and notably for farms with livestock.


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