What about bugs and men?


All about bugs and men! Welcome to our big and very exciting project! You have probably already discovered this new section on our web site and have wondered what it will all be about. Well, it’s time to finally start this new challenge and reveal our secret – “Of bugs and men” is our new web magazine about science and insects, about innovation and design of pest control solutions and about PestWest of course. If you always wanted to know how black light works or what new technologies are we developing, how to get rid of huge clusters of flies or just to see what’s new with us, here is the right place to have a look while drinking your morning coffee. We are also ready to reveal how our departments work and who the people are at PestWest who take care of the planning, the sales, the orders, the production, the development and much more… Don’t forget to give us your feedback or questions – these have always been valuable to us.

So tighten your seat belt, we will be departing very, very soon!

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