Sticky Boards & Reflectobakt® Sleeves

PestWest Sticky boards

Sticky Boards with a difference!

The PestWest sticky board range features:

  • Laminated board construction to eliminate warping and facilitate servicing
  • Insect retention and UVA resistance are optimised with a unique hot melt adhesive coating
  • Easy to install with a fast release silicon paper that does not affect the glue coating
  • Treated card prevents moisture penetration and ensures conformal glue coating for improved insect retention
  • Used as part of an 1PM programme this comprehensive range includes grey or yellow monitoring boards with a tabulated grid pattern to facilitate insect counting and identification
  • Solvent free glue and use of recycled cardboard reduces environmental impact
  • Size optimised to fit a wide range of fly trap models reducing stock requirements
  • Long shelf life to minimise stocking issues

The PestWest range of outstanding sticky boards ensure effectiveness and ease of service to provide a difference that sets them apart from the rest.

PestWest glue board models are designed so the glue boards sit closer to the UV tube than competing models, providing a more rapid catch. This is possible thanks to the introduction of the Reflectobakt® sleeve, which makes the units more effective for longer periods of time.

Reflectobakt®sleeves are featured in all the Chameleon® range of sticky traps, except for the Uplight, Sirius and EXG models.


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