Sticky Boards & Reflectobakt® Sleeves

PestWest Sticky boards

Sticky Boards with a difference!

The PestWest sticky board range features:

  • Laminated board construction to eliminate warping and facilitate servicing
  • Insect retention and UVA resistance are optimised with a unique hot melt adhesive coating
  • Easy to install with a fast release silicon paper that does not affect the glue coating
  • Treated card prevents moisture penetration and ensures conformal glue coating for improved insect retention
  • Used as part of an 1PM programme this comprehensive range includes grey or yellow monitoring boards with a tabulated grid pattern to facilitate insect counting and identification
  • Solvent free glue and use of recycled cardboard reduces environmental impact
  • Size optimised to fit a wide range of fly trap models reducing stock requirements
  • Long shelf life to minimise stocking issues

The PestWest sticky board range features:

Due to the fact that UV LED light is much cooler than traditional UV fluorescent light, a specifically formulated adhesive coating is required to achieve optimised performance: Within traditional UV fly traps, the UV fluorescent tubes generate heat, so that the adhesive on the board gets ‘sticky’ enough to retain insects, but not too fluid, because otherwise it would literally run off the sticky board. Meanwhile, the heat generated by UV LED tubes is too insignificant to repeat the same process, which is why PestWest has done extensive research in order to create a dedicated sticky board, optimised to work with LED technology and the Quantum X range in particular.

To achieve maximum efficacy, it is vital that only the dedicated PestWest LED sticky board is used for all PestWest LED models!


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